About Language House

Language House Middle East provides language courses for students looking to improve their language skills. Our center is committed provider of a mide-range of courses delivered by qualified native speakers.
Language House Middle East was established in 2011, to help facilitate the teaching of languages to both children and adults in the region. We are committed to delivering excellence for all our students to ensure they reach their learning objective. We achieve this through the proven ‘blended learning’ method. All our courses are in line with International bench marks and delivered by qualified native speakers.

Awesome Trips

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Winter Trip

Training teachers course 16th Dec 2016 - 25th Dec 2016

Easter Trip

Holiday Trip 25th Mar 2017 - 8th Apr 2017

Summer Trip

Two Weeks Trip : 1st July 2017 - 15th July 2017
One Month Trip : 1st July 2017 - 29th July 2017

This course combines sessions on creative techniques to use in the English classroom with language development sessions which are designed to improve the language skills and widen the knowledge base of the visiting English teacher.

There will be a practical focus with an extensive range of activities which can be used in the classroom as soon as the visiting teachers return to their home countries.

  • Programmes delivered by experienced and skilled teacher trainers, who are also practising teachers
  • Get the opportunity to live and work in the UK, USA and abroad, and to meet people from many different backgrounds and cultures

We can also offer.

  • Cambridge CELTA
  • Grammar Booster Course
  • Enjoying the class lessons and the other outdoor lessons / activities
  • Enjoying many different art and sport activities daily
  • Exceptional trips (sight seeing) to historical places in the United Kingdom and USA
  • Enjoyable shopping trips in London and other cities
  • Exceptional spot for the school in the English countryside that has the magical nature and the perfect weather
  • Comfortable and exceptionally good accommodation
  • Accessibility to communicate with parents in Dubai either through the phone or the internet
  • Availability of prayer room
  • Good medical services and health Insurance
  • Provide meals: breakfast – lunch and dinner. (Halal food)
  • Mixing with different students and getting to know more than 70 nationalities from all over the world and exposure to other traditions and cultural activities has done wonders to the students
We can accept students from age 7 to 18 years old.
For summer we can arrange 2 weeks, 4 weeks or more.
The schools offer many activities like: sports activities – football- tennis- basketball-golf – swimming- horse riding. Also there are many games for students and Art activities.
Yes we have two excursions (one half day and one full day) in each week. Exceptional trips to historical places in the United Kingdom and USA.

Academic Year Aboard

We provide for adults and students study a year in boarding colleges in UK, USA and Canada. Mandatory subjects for all students are English, Mathematics and Combined Science. For those on the two year programme of study, students must also select from either Geography or History and French or Spanish (if a UK student or International student who wishes to learn another language if extra English is desired instead, they may do this for one year and then take an ICT qualification in the second year).

The school have a vibrant sporting programme, with teams in rugby, football, hockey, netball, cricket, basketball, golf and tennis that play regular fixtures with other schools in the local area.

  • You can apply to any university on completion of A Levels at school
  • You can have a 1-to-1 consultation with your subject tutor each day, free of charge
  • We offer 15 languages, all taught by native speakers
  • We offer week-long, all-inclusive excursions during the half term break each term
  • Along with other, more regular team sports, you can also enjoy archery, polo, fencing and golf on campus
  • There is wireless internet in all dormitories
  • We offer a one-year GCSE course in Year 11
  • The school has 24-hour security management
  • We have specialist football and dance academies

Why Language House ?

We will help you learn, we will get to know you and we will listen to you.


Over 6 year experience


Unrivalled facilities in the UK


Safe location


On-site residential accommodation

Support Services

Dedicated welfare officer


Regular full-day and half-day excursions

High Quality

Complimentary teaching materials, Student welcome folder and certificate


Continuity of qualified and experienced staff


International Student insurance included in the fees

Partner Schools

Language House ME Teams up with many reputed and well-known schools all over the world in order to deleiver best experiance to all students.

Buckswood Summer School

British Study School

Lewis School

St. Giles International school

London School for Business & Finance

Millfield School

TSA English School

Bell English School


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Contact Info

   Sharjah EXPO Center - 1st Floor - Office 136, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
   Mobile +971 052 9759531
   Tele: +971 06 5996338
   FAX: +971 06 5996401
   P.O.Box: 1216
   Email: info@Languagehouseme.com

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